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What If People Don't Want to Help?

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 I'm pretty sure you have already gone through one of these moments. Let's say you need someone's advice on how to better your project, but when you ask them, they reply promptly: 'I'd love to help, but I have a lot of stuff going on right now...'. Unless they're actually well known successful people, they're probably surfing 9Gag as they speak(besides, if they were successful they'd probably love to help).

 Here's another example- You need someone to help you with your project. It's not really popular now, but you keep getting the feeling it might be. So you ask for help. Next thing you know, they're busy.

Sorry, bro. I'm busy this millennium.

 If you ask other people for advice on how to get help from other people, they'll also reply: 'I'd love to, but I'm busy right now.'

 People you are related to will usually say: 'Just get their interest. Motivate them.'

 99.9% people don't want to be motivated. They want to see results. They're the people who never tried to do anything in their lifetime, therefore they are still under the impression that you can get something for nothing. They're the people who want to go to Heaven, but don't want to die. They're idiots.

 People who will always help you

 Obviously, there is no way that you can get Scumbag Steve type of people to help you. But in the video below, I describe the type of people that are always motivated and willing to give you a hand.

 To cut things short, what I'm telling you to do is the exact opposite. Don't ask for help from people who aren't doing anything. Nothing is holding them from doing something, so they probably won't work on your project either.

 Instead, go to the people who are doing something and still trying. These are the people who understand that big things require big work. These are the people who are so focused on achieving something that they don't want to miss out on ANY opportunity, and your project is an opportunity. These are THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

 Moral of the story- Always Work With The Busy Person.

 Until next time, when the second trailer is coming out. I think it's a pretty elaborate marketing strategy.

 Anyways, I'll see you sometime today. Hope I helped and be sure to check out my upcoming movie, I Know Your Browser History.

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