The Movie

2nd Trailer is Complete. You never heard of anything like it.

 If you read this blog, then you know about an ingenious marketing strategy I came up with(making a fake mystery documentary).

 So I made a 3 minute documentary about the Ernesto Escape, Vrincent's Disappearance and the Mystery 'BH' Broadcast intrusion. Did I get your interest? Well then, I'm uploading it as soon as I figure out how to get the most out of it(probably tomorrow).

I Know Your Browser History, Now on Mobile

I finally managed, using no web editor whatsoever, to optimize the official movie website for both Mobile and Desktop view. This calls for a nap to celebrate.


What has been done so far...

If you've been following this blog(updated it daily for about a month now), then you'd know at what stage the movie is in at the moment.

 But for those of you who don't, I'll tell you. Just keep in mind these are the attempts that actually did work and bring results. For instance, here is the trailer that I finished a few days ago(most of the scenes haven't been shot, so most of the shots you see have been specifically made for this).

 To be continued...