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How to Get 10.000 Facebook Likes for an Indie Film for Free!

 Greetings, people of the internet!

 Before I start anything, I'd like to mention that I actually have no idea as to how this can be done. What I do know, however, is how to get likes. So I put together this marketing plan to getting 10.000 real Facebook likes for just about anything(only this one is related to indie films).

 Since I show my blog statistics openly, you might think the 300 views so far aren't much of an achievement, but actually the stats and growth in popularity are pretty good. So listen.


This will be a longer post, since I'm also going to give you some 'don't do's' in SEO, as well as showing you a detailed plan for your Facebook campaign. Like I said, this is a plan I put together from Facebook success stories and my own rational thinking, and nobody said it will work.

 It's not an overnight scheme and there's really no magic to it. It's simply a task calendar, stretched over 90 days.

 The Look

 So you have your Facebook page set up. Before you head for getting any traffic at all, just focus on the look. Try to make it seem as professional as possible. You can take a look at popular movie pages:

Never heard of 'em? I think you did...

So let's talk about getting professional and interesting cover photos.

Cover Photos

 Here are some of the main elements you should consider:

-high resolution(720& 1080 or 1080& 1920)
-no straight lines. By this, I mean to avoid full colors, making your photo look like it was done in paint. Even if you do it in paint, add some scratches over the letters, underline titles to get the 'raw' look.
-If possible, use camera focus to create a sense of depth. You can focus on your character in a memorable scene, or just blur out the entire image and add different text over it(Title, Fake Reviews, Url's)
-Make sure the bottom left corner is empty. This is where the profile photo comes in.

 As long as you get this done, I don't see why it wouldn't look professional.

Profile Photos

Profile photos are also an important factor. For a movie, the profile photo can display anything closely related to the film, while still looking good. It could be your film logo(if you chose to turn it into a symbol), like I use the cap and sunglasses, or simply a memorable screenshot from the film. Since you probably haven't started shooting your film, then you'll probably want to design a logo.


 About Info

 Basically, you should try to fit in as much info as you can. If you don't have one, set up a movie website or blog and put the link to it(not being on social networks and websites sucks. Get up there now). Like I said, fill up as many lines as possible, even make up stuff if necessary. 

 Updating Status

 Keep in mind that this is not twitter, so there's no need for posting random things just to rank higher. Instead, the best thing to do is update your Facebook as often as you update your blog or YouTube Channel(make one of those too). Basically, have about 6-7 posts a week. I update my social networks whenever I put up a new blog post, video or any other remarkable, movie- related... thing.


 Basically, find a short and catchy tagline to put in your About Info. For instance, 'Your hard disk holds a dark secret'.

Post for about a week or two, just to fill up the page(as long as you keep it interesting). Now it's time for marketing this thing.



If you are one of those guys with 3000 Facebook friends that love hearing from you, then it should be easy to invite them to your page. If they share your posts, you might as well end up with 10.000 likes in a week.

However, if you are a forever alone who barely keeps in touch with anybody(much like me), then you may want to take another approach. And do it in style.

Fake Celebrity

I'm planning on trying this out sometime this year. Basically, you get a few people pretending to interview you, then simply walk out of your car with a blanket over your head, screaming 'No pictures, please!'. Don't believe it works? Look again, then.

So... nobody bothered to Google him?

 With the IMDb and Wikipedia page well set up, pulling off something like this will throw me into history. My idea is to rent a movie theater and set up a fake premiere. If you don't feel like this, let's try something more... out of the flash. But I still think this works best.

 Forgot about Flyers?

I wrote an article here. It shows a strategy on getting the most out of printed flyers, which are better than online flyers anyway.

 The Movie theater trick

Not sure how easy this can be done, but I just got a great idea:

 Print 60 professional flyers, then go to the entrance of mall theaters(where all the other flyers are) and sneak these in. As long as they look professional(and are movie- related), no security guard will notice anything, while people looking to see a movie will see your flyer. Put a later release date on it and a link to your Facebook page. Ask people to like your page so they can see the movie in theaters, and, when you get 10.000 likes, simply ask to see the manager of the theater and make him 'an offer he cannot refuse'.

 And that's it for today. But I'll be back in 24 hours.


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