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Online Ads Vs. Flyers. Why Flyers are Better.

 Greetings, people of the internet! It's another great day(mostly because I just found out how to embed my videos on blogger). If you don't feel like reading, here's why you should always go for handing out flyers when marketing anything- in a video.

 The internet is huge, with billions and billions of websites, all with entertaining, useful and interesting content. Posting an online ad is just like hanging a sign in the middle of the ocean. On the internet, people are easily distracted by better, more popular addictive websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. and usually(if not always) take a look at your ad, then move on.

 Let's say you're advertising your Facebook page. Ever since you've been paying for ads, you're getting more and more likes. You have over 6000 likes and growing! Later that day, you post an awesome video, then go to bed. When you wake up, you realize your video only has 2 likes. You start wondering why.

 Why? Simple. Because the people who liked your page saw the ad, clicked on it, then forgot you ever existed. Why bother getting 6000 likes when only 10-15 people are actually reading, if you can print 15 flyers and hand them out?

Needs a lot more text or risks being thrown away...

Why are Flyers Better?

 Let me ask you a question. Do you like wasting your life checking your Facebook wall and clicking on pointless YouTube videos? No, I don't think you do. I'm quite sure you sit in your bed at night, annoyed of your addiction to wasting time. You want to live in the real world and do things instead of staring into your smartphone.

 Now picture this- it's a regular day. You're tired, coming home from work or whatever it is you do. It's a long way home and you're worried that you've wasted another day.

 Suddenly, a random stranger hands you a flyer. You pick it up, getting ready to throw it away, when it gets your attention. There's a lot of interesting text instead of some stupid slogans, and, since you have nothing better to do, you start reading. By the time you're home, you are fully interested in the topic, going on the internet only to find out more about it. That, for the guy handing out the flyers, is a successful technique.

 The internet is filled with distractions, but the real world is not. In the real world, people will actually spend time reading about something they're randomly handed, simply because they have nothing else to do.

 The flyers will never fail to bring you online visitors if you follow these rules:

 -Never put flyers in a mailbox. A mailbox is feet away from the home, and there's internet in the home. You need to give your target time to read through your flyer.
 -Never fill a flyer with slogans and a few prices. Instead, put in a picture related to your topic, then a lot of interesting text. Make your flyer a story. A story for people to read on their way home.
 -Never hand out flyers in the morning. This is when people are rushing to work, and they'll probably just take a look at your flyer, then put it away.
 -Always hand out flyers at the end of the day. People have completed their to- do list and, as long as they can do it on their way home, they're up for anything.
 -Always hand out the flyers to human beings, in the hand of human beings. Not on a windscreen, between the window wipers.

 Those being said, here's an update on the making of the film...

 I Know Your Browser History

 The IMDb page is ranking up, higher than Bizarre(fat guy from D12), which I'm not sure whether it means anything or not. All the internet based movie info is set up online(I'll also re-edit and re- submit my Wikipedia article as soon as I have some independent sources(if you have a blog or website, mentioning this movie would be of great help).

 As for the filming part, I finally decided- I really need someone to hold the camera. Since I'm going into my first year of high school in 48 hours, I'm sure I'll find someone to interest in my little goal here...

 Currently, I'm working on the first trailer, then I'll hand out a few hundred flyers, shoot the movie, edit it while updating this blog and all the other social networks, get 10.000 signatures for screening in 2-3 theaters and hopefully(just hopefully) releasing it successfully by the beginning of December 2013. Ambitious plan, right?

 Anyways, I'll see you people tomorrow.

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