duminică, 22 septembrie 2013

How to Get the Cinematic Look in Boring Places

 Greetings, people of the internet!

 Sorry for not being able to make the other video yesterday, but I was busy with two things- the second trailer and scene 13.

 As I was working on that, I made a great movie discovery. I realized that any high quality video is cinematic, no matter what the video is about:

 Related to the video, here's the trick to capturing the 'cinematic' look of your home.

 The Cinematic Look in Boring Places


 A few months ago, I decided I'd go on a road near to where I live, simply because I had never been there before. I looked up and the first thing I saw was a horror movie- like house, covered in fog and almost hidden behind tall bushes.

 I knew I had to get a shot of this for whatever video I would be making, so I grabbed my camera and started recording. I first got a steady far shot, then zoomed in to one of the windows.

 When I did this, I saw my sister, randomly staring at me. The house I was filming was my house, and it did look cinematic, despite my thoughts.

 It's just like visiting someone and thinking their house is much more organized or much more welcoming. Then that someone comes to visit you and thinks the same.

 So try this out. Shoot a scene inside your home, edit it and show it to people who have never been there before.

 Progress this Month

 This month was great for two reasons.

 One, I have never been so committed to a project before. I blogged everyday for 30 days, I didn't give up on the movie idea(normally, I lose interest in about 10- 12 projects a month) and... well... see the links in the sidebar.

 Second, I realized I live in the best possible part of this country to shoot a movie in. Went on a bike trip yesterday, only to find out I have all the locations needed for my movie within a ten mile radius. There are literally hundreds of square miles of empty, unused field around here, an abandoned shack far away from anybody to keep me from entering it, hills high enough to look like mountains(good for the intro scenes), a small river that seems to pop out of nowhere and an undisturbed bit of thick woods. What's more, these places can also be reached in a car, which makes everything perfect. I can finally shoot this thing.

 Hopefully, I'll dive into filming next weekend.

 As for the blog progress. Well then, in a month of 1-2 posts a day, I have got up to 517 views. I hope to add a zero to that figure by the end of the second month.

 Those being said, I'll be back in 12 to 24 hours.

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