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Make a Great Movie Trailer.

 Greetings, people of the internet!


 So you think your movie is great, huh? So do I. But is your movie better(or at least as good as) what is being played in theaters right now?

 Last week, I completed the first trailer for I Know Your Browser History. It was something I never managed to do before, so I was impressed with myself. Then I went on YouTube and started watching some professional trailers. Going back to my trailer, I was a bit(only a bit) disappointed. But it wasn't the story or events highlighted in the trailer. It was the look of it. And unfortunately, the world is filled with respected cereal- eating underachievers ready to destroy anyone's ideas.

'This movie will never be any good. Why don't the medieval warriors just get a car?'

 Don't get me wrong, because the people I showed it too seemed to watch until the end. I guess the crazy titles and weird storyline helped a lot.

 But still- how could I get the 50.000 Bucharest requests out of one trailer that isn't really edited that well? And so the answer came... even though I'm not sure it will work.

 A New Type of Trailer- Making, exclusive for the people reading this

 What are some of the highest viewed YouTube videos? They're five minute amateur documentaries. They're done in Windows Movie Maker, telling an urban legend through some misplaced titles and creepy X Files music.

 These videos generate a lot of interest and often leave you doing research for more. Since the I Know Your Browser History official website is first presented as being a real report on a real unsolved mystery, then it can be linked to using one of these short, amateur documentaries(done a bit better).

 So here is the new marketing strategy I'm working on right now: I make a creepy documentary on The 'BH' Theory(people are always attracted to the word 'theory'), then I link to the fake reports on the website. People will eventually find out it's just a movie, but by the time they get there, I already have their attention.

 To appear more realistic, keep the comment section, but allow comment approval, and the like bar. I'll now start work on the trailer, the upload it here for you guys to see.

To be continued...

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