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Design a Mobile Version for Your Website for $0

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 You can read the article, or, if you prefer, watch the video below.


 With the increasing number of morons and their smartphones, it's becoming quite hard to ignore designing your website for mobile. More and more idiots are going paranoid for not having their phone with them. Who's going to tell them when to breathe? Or who to hate on? Or whether weed is good or not?

Observe, gentlemen, the brainwashed retards who need to be killed.(credits to mtbr.com)

 Most people are depending on their smartphones to survive. Smartphones tell them what to think, act, walk and talk like, because these people can't go without them. So the only way to get the masses to like your product is by also having it on mobile.

 How to do it

 Media as large as possible

 Smartphones have tiny screens compared to a desktop or laptop monitor. Therefore, the first thing you want to do is have every button, link or piece of text appear on the center of the screen, as large as possible. I'm not done with my mobile site, but if you go here  you'll see an example of how it should look like.

 Have everything centered. Never have more than one link or piece of text per line.

 Never add two buttons on the same row. Simply have large buttons, each of them centered to fit the entire screen.

 Do it yourself

 When confronted with the words: You need a Mobile website, most people go out and look for someone to design it for them. It seems to me that most of you have forgotten about the simple, multifunctional and incredible html. In fact, I strongly advise you to design your entire web page with it.

 Don't know how to do the html? Read, idiot.

 Basically, you will need the following lines:

 For Titles

 <center><font color="add color here"><h1>Add your title here<h1></font></center>

 For Images

<center><img src="file name" width=add width height=add height></center>

 Create a folder for your website project and import all the files you need there. Adjust the width and height depending on the image.

 For Links

<center><a href="example.html">Image/Text</a></center>

 Use your imagination for the rest.

 Hosting Your Mobile Site

 So you have the website ready. Every file you need in order to make it work is in your folder. It's time you host it.

 Again, a common mistake is to think hosting will cost you. Well, people, there is this little website you may have heard of called... Google?

 And this Google has a function called Drive, where you can upload and (if you want to) publicly share your files. Here is how to upload your website to Google Drive.

 Once this is done, go to your official website and simply add a link on the homepage, redirecting to your Mobile site.

 Those being said, be sure to check out the other links on this blog, especially this one. Thanks for reading and I'll be back sometime today...

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