marți, 24 septembrie 2013

Sit Down and Think.

 Greetings, people of the interwebs! I am writing this post a little bit earlier, because I need to do some... thinking.

 You see, a few days ago I wrote this article on how to make a great and original movie trailer. And guess what? I followed my own instructions and made(what I think is) the greatest advertisement ever. It doesn't even look like an advertisement.

 So I spent my night yesterday to make a 3 minute documentary about The 'BH' Broadcast Intrusion(otherwise fake and entirely made up by my creative genius). It's basically three minutes of mystery facts, unexplained events, creepy music and a great story.

 I knew it was 'good', so I didn't want to waste this one. I obviously spent a lot of time working on an eye catching and interesting website, a great daily blog(not sure if the 'great' part worked), daily YouTube channel, IMDb page rankings, request form and more, so what I hope to do is make a big, fat success out of the marketing part of the movie... using nothing else but the documentary.

 I know I've made several of these 'no more work, it's time to go big' attempts in the past, but I have the feeling this trailer is actually worth something. Only problem is- the right place at the right time.

 I don't want to just upload it to YouTube, because I have the feeling it will simply be a spoiler. I need to think. I need to think of the perfect moment to release this video, on the perfect website/s so that it just goes 'BOOM!' in 24 hours. All I need is 50.000 really interested and loyal people.

 While I can handle getting them interested, I have no idea related to getting them and keeping them. Like I said before, I need to think.

 This will be the post for tomorrow(besides, it's almost tomorrow). I'll see you guys in a few hours with a new video and in 12- 24 hours, a new post. So until next time- to... glory.

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