miercuri, 25 septembrie 2013

How to SPREAD an Urban Legend and Profit.

 Greetings, people of the internet!

 If you read my 'Thought Monitoring' page, you'd know I'm trying to pull this elaborate marketing stunt that will (hopefully) get me and my movie the attention needed(and wanted. 50.000 fans, that is).

 How am I planning on doing this? Urban Legends, my friend. Chain videos, all linking to the mystery documentary. I've tried this in the past, but I finally got it.

 I have the missing element in the urban legend formula. I'll tell you right after you watch this video.

  Do you know what the missing element was? Do you want to know what would blow up an urban legend and fill up tens of thousands of email lists?

 I'll make it very quick, then I'll be out of here.

 A regular subject turns out to be very dangerous. That's the viral element.

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