miercuri, 18 septembrie 2013

Increase in tasks.

 Do you find yourself just sitting in your chair, watching random YouTube videos even though you know you're wasting your time? But worst of all, does this happen when you are completely motivated and have already set a goal ahead of you? If so, this article must be for you.

 So I was reading 'Key to Online Success' kind of articles and I encountered a line that really bothered me. The guy said something about getting quick online results(through your own work, of course). I now quote him: 'It's probably going to be hard for you, but you need to update your blog three times a week[...]'. As you can probably tell, I hate it when that kind of shit happens. I wrote a 200 page book in three days when I was in the 6th grade and they come up with this crap?!

 Up until now, I came up with one daily update for this blog. Things are going to change. I'm no longer sticking to one blog post and video a day, but at least 2. I know it might not boost my views by much, but at least I feel like I'm doing something useful with my time.

 Of course, I'm not planning on doing this just for the sake of it. Right now, I'm looking for somebody to help me shoot the movie. Because I know that MOVIE + REQUESTS + LARGE AUDIENCE= HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL ACHIM.

 So I started thinking- let's say I already have the movie done. All I'm trying to do next is get 50.000 requests for this movie.When that is done, I hope to bust into the managers office at the biggest theater in the area and slam the statistics to his desk, handing him a business card that reads I Know Your Browser History. Be scared.

 Unless you've already noticed, this article makes no sense. Actually, I'm just thinking and blogging at the same time, so what you are reading right here are my exact thoughts in their exact order. Interesting, right? I think you should try this too. Just get your camera, pick a topic that bothers you or that you can't get over and simply try to give answers to somebody else. It's like one of those moments when somebody speaks out their problem and you come up with a solution in seconds, but when it's your problem it just seems like you can't go around it(this is another random thought).

 So basically, I need to get the entire movie done within a month, then build my list of at least 50.000 requests in the same area, then release it to the same people that asked for it(or more). Will I manage to do it?

 Also, the video covers a different subject, so things are different again.

 So forget about me being back in 24 hours. I'll be back in 12 hours or less.

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