marți, 17 septembrie 2013

Why Your Blog Statistics are going Down and How to Fix This for Less Work.

 Greetings, people of the internet! Unlike yesterday, today I might have a little bit more time to blog(but just a little). Ever since Monday, my blog statistics have slowly been going down. On Sunday there were 38, Monday 26, Tuesday 16 and who knows what I'm going to get today.

 So I started wondering why. I have also stopped building links a few days ago, since Google does not rank pages after them anymore.

 The answer is, the blog stats were going down because of time. They were going down simply because less people read on certain days. For instance, Sunday was the highest point, so I need to post and upload more on Sundays. Tuesday held a big decrease in views, so I'll just make a video then.

 Of course, a lot of these views come from engines like and VampireStats and don't last long, but I'd say there are a few people who stick to the website and read my posts(though I might be wrong).

 Movie Update?

 Right now, the IMDb pages are slowly going up(or fast, I'm not sure). The website has been re- edited and It's time for the actual marketing to begin. It's time for the actual filming to begin as well. I need someone to help with the filming, obviously.

 The filming schedule seems to be going well, even though high school is wasting six hours of my day every day. It's like I'm sleeping for 12 hours, which would be way more productive and helpful(if it was actual sleep). Where you add the retarded homework we're given, high school alone is taking up about eight hours of my day. I don't want to waste 1416 hours of my year, 5664 in total. It's 236 continuous days of school!

 But I have a plan- I Know Your Browser History.

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