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Eliminate Procrastination From Your(boring) Life

 About six hours ago, you completed 15 minutes worth of work. Ever since then, you've been rewarding yourself with hours and hours of pointless web surfing. Somehow, you got here. Now you're expecting me to give you the key to overcoming procrastination, just so you can watch some more YouTube videos after you're done reading this article. Did I get that right?

 So you get depressed. Your brain starts fighting with itself as one part of you wants to stop wasting time and the other seems to love it.

 No more worries. Here is the solution...

 The Jump Rule

 Often, all that it takes to get working is to actually start doing it. My guess is right now you're sitting in your chair, staring at the screen and thinking about thinking or procrastinating to procrastinate. My guess is... this is what you look like right now.

 I'm also quite sure you are mad at yourself for wasting time, which is why you came to this page. You already know what you have to do, but you keep avoiding it.

 Want to hear the solution? It's quite simple.

 I want you to count down to three, then jump out of your chair and run out of the room(actually, run out of the house). Don't come back inside the room until you are feeling awake. Don't eat anything and don't drink anything.

 Then come back inside the room, shut down your computer and dispose of any type of snack, whatever it may be.

 Afterwards, jump directly to your task. Never reward yourself. Some people might say this works, but eventually you will give up on your task since nobody is keeping you away from the reward anyway.

 Of course, you will get bored of this after a while. You still need to feel like you're always on the move and doing something different. Let's talk about that now...

 The 2 Minute Rule


 It is practically impossible to concentrate on a task for hours in a row. Even if you manage to do so, you will end up in bed at the end of the day, knowing you did a lot of work but still not feeling productive. Why aren't you feeling productive? 

 Because despite the effort you put into your tasks, you have only completed one task. You only have one achievement, and chances are it doesn't sound that good anyway(today I painted the house, wrote an article, etc.)

 Basically, what makes you feel productive is knowing you did a whole bunch of things in a very short time. What feels better? Saying you did one thing today or saying you did ten things today? That's quite obvious.

 So the 2 minute rule is to keep every task you do under 2 minutes. If they take longer than that(and they probably do), then just take every task and split it into two minute tasks. Preferably, do this before going to bed or right after you wake up.

 Now alternate your tasks. Spend two minutes on one, then switch to the other(or five minutes, depending on how patient you are). Don't 'reward yourself'. This only leads to procrastination. Instead, get everything done by 6-8 p.m. Afterward, watch a movie or play a video game, but never touch the internet unless you need to. The video game will probably work best, because it still gives you the feeling that you are doing something.

 Those being said, I hope this helps you, people. I'll see you in about 24 hours... or less. So stay tuned and +1 this article or else nothing will happen in 7 days... I need a few +1's for motivation, after all. Besides, great content is on the way.

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