luni, 30 septembrie 2013

Shooting the Field Scenes

 Greetings, people of the internet! I'm currently sinking into high school, which is eating up precious time to spend on the movie. Right now, I'm working on a new, detailed and improved movie making, marketing and releasing plan, so there's not much time for anything(can't believe I'm saying this). However, some things are going great...

There are hundreds of square miles of empty field within 500 feet of where I live. This place looks like it's out of Planet of The Apes... the country version. There's also a giant hill not far away, as well as thick, untouched areas of the forest and creepy abandoned homes. Where you add the old communist farmhouses, out of order radio towers and electric stations in the middle of the woods. Crap! I have access to some of the best movie locations in cinema history. The movie is done. I just have to film it.

Call it... guerrilla film making.

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