sâmbătă, 31 august 2013

Why a schedule doesn't work.

 So much for waking up at 5 a.m and spending all day working on some projects. Why? Because it doesn't work.

 Yesterday I tried to schedule my day. The first part of the day was going great, but then things went off the track and a lot of distractions popped in. Looking at my goals for yesterday, I realized I haven't completed much of them. I wrote 2 pages for an eBook that I don't really think is worth anything and I learned a few things(which is good, right?). Either way, instead of scheduling the day, I'll just come up with some tasks for the day and do them.

 The good part yesterday was that I ran into this short book on how to make and release your independent film. Fortunately for me, I discovered there are some other steps in the filming& editing process. By that, I mean two useful things- Strip Boarding(planning when you will shoot each scene)- I realized that I can figure out the mutual locations in the film and film all scenes taking place in the same spot(I'm starting with the car scenes). It sounds obvious, but I never thought of it before. Then there comes sound editing, which includes a step called Foley(or something like that)- reproducing the background noise. Until now, I got under my blanket and re- recorded the dialogue. Another great piece of advice is to cover the microphone in foam when recording sound. I don't know how I will do this, since my mic is a bit too large for the camera. In fact, I'll try it right now. Hold on...

 Aaand it's not working. I'll probably need to do some reading on that as well. Let's suppose I overcome(somehow) the issue of the bad sound. Then comes the visual issues.

 Like I said in yesterday's post, my video editing software(Cyberlink Powerdirector) keeps crashing whenever I try to color correct more than one image in the same file. After doing some reading on this, I think It's time I get a better software- like Sony Vegas or Adobe.

 I'm sure something else is going to go wrong, so stay tuned.

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