marți, 3 septembrie 2013

What you can learn from Clerks...

 I haven't posted anything yesterday because I ran off the tracks again, not making a schedule and pretty much watching movies all day. The summer is almost over and I'm kind of sure this one won't end with an achievement either(not the achievement I was looking for).

 However, yesterday was useful too. I finished stripboarding the movie(stripboarding means planning a schedule for every scene in the movie, and you know how good I am at schedules). Either way, it's finished and seems like a lot of help, knowing all mutual locations in the movie, etc. The whole thing gives me a better look at what I'm trying to do. Maybe someone in high school would be enthusiastic about holding the camera for me. Until then, I hope I'll be able to concentrate just on I Know Your Browser History and get a few scenes done.

 If you read my last post, I'm trying to find the solution to my latest movie problem- audio. The whole background noise is a bunch of retards on construction sites, stupid dogs, lawnmowers, chainsaws, pickaxes, ventilators, washing machines and most of all, wind noise. I decided to re-record all the dialogue separately(since there isn't much dialogue anyway) and place it over a quieter background noise. For this, I made a mini- recording booth out of a cardboard box. Still, the wind noise is still an issue+ I don't have an external mic. No worries though, I'll just record in the car. It's the best recording booth I have access to so far.

 So much for the audio issue, there comes the cinema- look issue. The locations I have access too so far are anything but cinematic. And the lightning in some places is... not existing. I need to learn more about lighting. If that doesn't work, I'll just have to switch to black and white. This brings us to this post's title- What can you learn from Clerks?

 For those of you who don't know, Clerks is a 1994 comedy taking place in and out of a grocery store, following the lives of two clerks by the names of Dante and Randal over a random day in their lives. The movie was shot for $28,000, which is an intergalactic- sized budget compared to I Know Your Browser History.

 So here comes the great piece of advice of this article. The one thing I ever learned from Clerks(let it be known it grossed about 3 million). That is- People will watch just about any comedy with stoners in it.

 So I need to turn my character into some sort of a stoner...

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