miercuri, 20 noiembrie 2013

A Question for you people

Greetings, Humans of the Internet!

Ever since I started working on I Know Your Browser History(actually, ever since I started doing productive things), I've been developing the so- called 'high web ranking addiction'.

 To sum it up, nothing else out there can satisfy an h-w-r addict better than some clean, fresh taste of going viral.

 As I mentioned before on this blog, I've been trying to go viral for the past six years. I'm not saying that's something to be proud of, just as I'm not saying that I have great content(or maybe I do).

 Oh, and the fake celebrity? It failed in about 3-5 minutes. Had to abandon.

 As I'm typing this, however, I am getting another great idea.

 That's right. Unless you share this link, I will release your browser history. Publicly.

 I probably won't say it like that. This is where the mystery plan C pops in.

 If this strategy works, that is.

 QUESTION: What do you think would be the best way to promote the movie?

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