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How To Stop Giving Up.

 Greetings, people of the internet!

 The topic for today is probably something we've all been a victim of- giving up.

 But no, I'm not talking about the type of giving up where you see no results and abandon, not wanting to waste any more of your time. I'm talking about the 'other' type of giving up:

 The Other Type of GIVING UP

 We're all familiar with this moment. You are convinced you picked the right project, so you just start work on it and you keep doing it for... maybe a week or so. Indeed, it's a hard task, but you're done wasting your time and ideas. This time, you're sticking to what you are doing and you're going to get it done. Are you?

 Just as you enter the second week, a brilliant idea hits you. It's genius compared to your current idea, and it's probably easier and will bring quicker results. So then you think to yourself- Which one is better? Right afterward, you drop your current project for the next one. This repeats week after week, month after month, even year after year.

 Why do you do it? Why do you stop working on a project even though you are fully aware it's useless to start another?

 Simple. It's because you keep telling yourself: I'll come back to this project when I have the money and resources. You're giving the project to your super ego(a great version of you in the distant future) to handle, then you forget about it. It's like you're giving your homework to your older sibling. You are GIVING the project UP.

 The Very Simple Way to Avoid This

 I've had a lot of ideas that I dropped so I could pursue other ideas. Then something happened. With I Know Your Browser History, I started out by writing a script in a week, then planning the shots, then re- making most of them(didn't look cinematic, but I fixed that issue here). After this, I decided to start marketing. I submitted my movie on Wikipedia and IMDb. IMDb accepted, Wikipedia wanted more sources(which I'll get). I created this blog(and posted too much to give up now), social network pages, not to mention the time it took me to set up all of these(mostly the website). I've worked on the look of the movie, as well as the character(for the first time ever).

 Knowing what it took to get here(which is far from my final goal), It's hard for me to even think of starting something new. For instance, last night I had a great movie idea. Usually, I would have dropped this movie and started work on the other, but not this time. This time I wrote it down and got back to I Know Your Browser History. Why did this happen? By doing all the work you see by now, I unwillingly made a commitment that I would complete this movie, successfully promote it and release it- with an impact.

 So how do you do the same?

 First of all, never say: I'm never giving up on this project. Apart from this, I guess the best thing to do is:

 1.Like your idea. Otherwise you will definitely give it up sooner or later.
 2.Make a list of the things that sound 'professional' and that you've never done before. Do them(for instance, I always thought those traditionally submitted, big IMDb pages are only for big movies). This way, you'll have this idea above anything you've ever done before. It will make you think before giving it up.
 3.When something doesn't look like you wanted it to, do it again. Otherwise you'll get an amateur looking project that you will give up anytime.
 4.Try not to get influenced by retards. Before you take their advice, ask them: Have you ever done this before? Unless they say YES and only YES, simply accept the fact that they are retards and ignore them.

 Those being said, I will see you people sometime later today...

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