joi, 29 august 2013

Overwhelmed much?

 If you noticed like I noticed, there hasn't been a a new post yesterday. This might somewhat affect the advance of this blog, but I plan to backlink a lot more today. In fact, as I said the last three words, I started hitting the keyboard when typing. I think I remembered I'm in the middle of a struggle to become famous...

 Yeah... last night I was... overwhelmed. It's obvious- I put my hopes up too high again. I finally get it(I hope)- You can't make a feature length movie by yourself. There's too much to film. There's 58 scenes. That's impossible to do in a lifetime. I'll probably grow old making this movie by myself. I need a loyal helper. I need a laboratory to build him in.

 Enough with that. I tried doing a scene a day. Impossible. The amount of work is too high.(In your chair, you might think that's not true, but if you want something that looks watchable...).

 So there's three alternatives: I find somebody to hold the camera, I change the script, I promote it and leave the rest for later. I think I'm going for the second one.

 So if you're feeling overwhelmed, look for an alternative and never do something alone again.

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