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How To Make a Million Dollars This Summer

 Whenever the holidays are near, I get this raging pack of motivation. I keep getting the feeling that if I use all my free time and energy I will achieve my goal(making a million) by the end of the summer.

 I'm not saying I don't use the motivation. So far this summer I've written and published an e-book, re-edited and re-published another, wrote a movie script, started a fundraising campaign, a radio station, broadcasted a radio show, shot a few scenes, got together 13 people for my network(I'll tell you more about the thing), applied for a writer job on a popular blog and so much more. However, my income at the end of every summer is absolute 0. Nothing. Empty. I still get some knowledge in what I do, but I still don't seem to get any nearer to my goals.

 I've been trying to make my first feature length movie since 2009(I'm 14 right now). I worked on a lot of projects. I've gained a whole lot of skills and I'm much better at everything I work on. Still, why can't I manage to put together a feature length? The longest movie I've done so far is 40 minutes long. Why couldn't I make an 80 minute one?

 Like I said before, my main objective this summer was to write and make a movie idea I had for a while. I guess my biggest issue is not having any crew or cast. Sometimes I get someone to help me, but they usually give up shortly afterward. So that leaves me, my fabulous imagination and my video camera. Using myself, my imagination and my camera I have to make an 80 minute movie. Sounds easy, right? Maybe it is, maybe it's not.

 I wrote the screenplay to my movie in seven days(it's 62 pages long, so I think I moved pretty quick), then put together a character(the only character in the movie, played by me). It was time to shoot it. At first, I estimated this would take about two weeks. Six weeks later I barely started shooting. Not because I didn't work on it, but because I lack any help.

 This got me thinking- All I need is ONE person who shares the same enthusiasm as me and who understands that big goals require big efforts. If I find ONE person as enthusiastic about making the film as me, then I can film, edit and produce the whole movie in 48 hours- and STILL make it good.

 Until I find that person, I decided I'd come up with a schedule.This way, I can direct the rest of my summer towards completing, as well as successfully marketing and releasing the film in at least one movie theater. Let's do the math:

 My movie has 58 separate scenes. I've shot three of them so far. 55 remaining.

 Filming should be complete in 10 days. That's about five scenes per day.

 I don't want a movie that looks like it was done by one person(there are a lot of moving shots). So I decided I'd spend about three hours on each scene(a scene is 30 sec- 2 min long). Since I'm the only cast and crew member, I need to have every shot planned. This means I have to storyboard each scene, as well as come up with some idea to move the camera and act at the same time.

 So here's my schedule:

 Wake up at 5 a.m.
 Storyboard each scene by 7 a.m(and have as little shots as possible)
 Shoot the scenes
 Copy the footage to my computer
 Blog about it
 Go to bed at 10 a.m

 Whether it will work or not is to be found out. I then have another 11 days until high school starts, which is very tight. If I make it, then this blog will be a very interesting story.


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