luni, 26 august 2013

A Secret

 I titled this post because I had no better idea of getting your attention.

 I've been trying to figure out what I've done today. If you read my previous posts, then don't think the schedule I planned to use is working. It's quite obvious- I planned to do too much in too little time.

 And it got me thinking- are all the things I'm trying to put together even that relevant? To find out, I made a list of the tasks I've completed(for promoting my movie) and tasks I haven't. After a while, I realized that submitting a Wikipedia article, IMDb page, as well as trying to raise funds for editing them isn't worth it when most of my audience comes from YouTube.

 Then I had another idea(which I probably picked up from somebody else). Instead of trying to achieve my goal in very little time, ending up with a lot of half-done projects, it might be better to split the project in smaller steps. Though nobody said it would work, I can still be cynical about it later on...

 Otherwise, the 4th scene in the film is complete. Also, here is a poster:

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