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How to Get Your Email Noticed

 Hello, fellow human.

 So recently, I decided to make one final attempt at getting my film into a festival, then give up on the project. I'm glad I did both. Here's how I got the organizer's attention and had them accept a further screening within a few hours.

 Before I start

 Let it be known that in order to get wherever you want to get also requires great skills or an amazing product. Here we only focus on getting your email spotted and answered to.

 The Right Way vs. The Wrong Way

 Back to the story, I emailed the following over to the festival's office:

 And here's what I received(they even said 'Thank you'):

 Was it luck or just pure inspiration? Let's compare it with another email that I had sent a while earlier. Take a look and tell me what you think.

 Woah, dude! Talk about a formal message. This one seems to be more of a letter of honor from a forgotten World War I veteran. 

 Did I receive a reply? Yes, I did. But it was far from what I(or anyone else) would want to hear. All I managed to do with this one was annoy the other guy and be politely told to fuck off.

 But enough with the drama. Here's the simple, easy to apply method that I used.

 How to Write it The Right Way

 I'd love to bore you guys with a few more paragraphs about the insight on this concept, but it's too basic. I will sum it all up in the quote below.

It's not about what you want but what the other guy wants.

 It sounds over-obvious, but just think of all the times you ignored this simple rule. 

 In the case of the 'Right Email', Joshua was only looking for some comedy films to be shown at his festival. Period. I never said my movie was fabulous or that it stood out in any way, since that is an entirely subjective matter. The only 'real' thing is that I made a film that fits into the required criteria. That's point blank. If the guy wanted to know more, all he had to do was ask.

 The Wrong Email, however, didn't take anything in consideration apart from my own needs. Instead of at least proving to benefit bmunoz, I never even bothered to mention anything about the film itself. Because of all this, it ended up looking more like a desperate cry for attention and not possible content for the festival's audience. 

 So what's the key to writing a successful email? Quite simple. Just follow the two rules below:

 1.Only talk about how you can benefit the other person.
 2.Use verifiable, objective reasons to prove the benefit.

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