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Why Silent Film Works Best...

 First of all, I don't mean silent film in the literal term. I don't mean silent film as some mime movie with annoying background music. I mean a movie with little to no dialogue. And here are the reasons why:


Dialogue is Time Consuming

 Let me sum it up for you- a video camera mic, no matter how good the camera is will always suck(unless you are filming inside a car or other sound proof location). This means that in order to get good audio you have two options- get a (better) external mic OR re-make the entire audio(dialogue and background noise) separately. I chose to go with the second option(and I'll explain in a minute). I improvised a recording booth out of a blanket and some cardboard and used the same camera to capture the dialogue(I was assuming the bad audio was coming from the filming locations, not the camera itself), while getting the background audio from sound effect websites. I used headphones while editing the scenes and everything sounded fine. Then I plugged in some speakers. This time, the dialogue sounded like a cheap radio turned up(background effects were good). Then I plugged in some other speakers- it sounded better(not sure if good enough for a movie theater). I'm confused. Is the dialogue any good or not? If you have the time, click here and tell me what the dialogue sounds like(in the scene, not the intro).

Dialogue is Expensive 

 Let's suppose you decide to go with the first option- getting a professional external mic and recording all the audio as it happens. This might work and it costs you about $300- ? for a good quality one. This might seem reasonable to you, but if you are a 14 year old making movies inside his closet at night, you are running on pretty much no budget. To give you an idea, $300 is enough to get IMDb pro, Adobe Premiere, a great, professional looking IMDb movie page, about a million visitors to your movie site and Spielberg's personal phone number. Which will you pick?

To most people, dialogue is boring

Do you ever find yourself on your couch, staring at your TV screen and skipping through a bunch of senseless dialogue? In fact, the only genres where dialogue is important is Comedy(in my opinion, Laurel& Hardy are full ahead on retardation). Plus no dialogue adds a bit of mystery to the story.

 Those being said, this was my post for today and I'll be seeing you in 24 hours.

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