duminică, 8 septembrie 2013

Useful Tips To Learn From The Movie Business.

 Today started out great. By 7:56, I had finished shooting the scene I planned on doing today. And for those of you who missed yesterday's video(I didn't publish it on this blog), here it is:

 Before I start anything, I'd like to express my opinion on the new Robocop movie. Why the fuck do you need to remake Inspector Gadget?

Just what is Hollywood trying to prove? Man you guys lack imagination...

 This brings us to tip number one- just be original. The only thing that makes this movie popular is the massive budget that was put into advertising it, as well as being a well known Hollywood piece of crap. In fact, instead of going to see this... thing, why not take a look at The Last Original Screenplay?

 Hollywood has turned into a franchise. It's pretty much like a giant McDonald's, only it's coming to an end, one remake at a time.

 Like Seth Godin said, a successful product doesn't even have to be any good. It just has to be remarkable. So be remarkable.

 Then comes tip number two-Advertise before you even have a product. 

 Looking at some of the trailers of movies that I've seen before, I realized most of the scenes depicted in the trailer don't even show up in the actual picture. When they say 'We're currently editing it', it means they're just getting the pen so they can write the script.

 Obviously, creating a buzz isn't easy. For instance, this is my 14th post and I've had about 165 visitors so far(not sure if the same people or not, where you add that a lot of views aren't loyal readers, but people paid to share links)

 Finally, tip number three-If there's one thing I learned this summer, diving into work and chaotically doing something, then giving up the next week is not useful. After all, the slow and steady win the race. Don't rush.

 Take my case. I'm one guy trying to make an entire feature length movie by himself, as well as successfully marketing and releasing it- in theaters. You can't say I'm seeing any massive results(though I've had a considerable visitor growth over the past few days. I went from 4-5 visits a day to 14 visits yesterday, as well as 4 today and counting), but I keep making a new YouTube video, blog post, Twitter and Facebook update, a few back links, work on the movie website(yesterday I got the domain name, still having trouble with redirecting) and try to shoot 1 scene each day. I don't know yet whether this movie will or not be a success, but if it is, this blog will be proof that you can do it too.

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