miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013

How to give 100%

 I got addicted to this guy's videos(fortunately, they're useful).Here's his channel.
 So yesterday I was scrolling through his channel, looking for a title that would help with what I'm trying to accomplish right now- making and successfully promoting my first movie by myself. Did I mention I want to achieve that as soon as possible?

 Anyway, one of his earlier videos called How to give 100% gave me a bright idea, this time in the good way. I think that was one of the best internet advice I ever got.

 The guy, Abdul S. Mohammed followed this simple schedule- Wake up as early as possible and do your best working on your tasks until 1 p.m. Not sure if he's going by the same schedule now, but I decided to give it a try.

 Here's my schedule for today:

 So far so good(though I know something will go wrong). After 1 p.m I'll just concentrate on learning more about film making. My main target for the second part of the day is to re- learn interior lightning and finally get some cinematic looking shots inside the house.

 These being said, I hope this tip was helpful to you guys. I'll be back tomorrow...

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